Terms of use

§ 1 General terms

  1. Rules and regulations ("Rules") describe the functioning and way of use the website at www.retailmap.bg ("Website"). Terms of the Rules are the only base of rights and duties for those, whose using the Website, without prejudice to the conditions regulated by the binding rules of law.
  2. The administrator of the Website is Colliers International EOOD, registered in the Commercial Register under UIC 121047004.("The Administrator").
  3. The Website is the Internet platform designed to provide information services (providing information on real estate market through projection of websites, automatically or on User's request) and other services described herein.

§ 2 Rules of website's functioning and rules of use of its resources

  1. Use of the Website by the Users is free of charges.
  2. The Website is used to publish information about the real estate market and information regarding services offered by the Administrator. Services offered on the Website include:
    • presentation of information about lease offers of commercial properties offered through the Website, with the possibility to filing direct inquiry;
    • enable placing the order of the brokering services or other services.
  3. The Website is dedicated for business Users (i.e. Users using corporate email addresses).
  4. Use by the User of the resources of the Website in any case, shall not mean the purchase by the Users of any rights to the materials and information contained therein.
  5. Administrator shall verify any data available on the Website with due care, however, the data may differ from reality. According to above, the Administrator shall not take any responsibility for reliability and authenticity of the data contained on the Website. The User should verify the data acquired from the Website prior to undertaking any decisions based on the data from the Website, in particular business decisions.
  6. The Administrator shall be no liable for any brakes and interruptions to access to the Website. The Administrator shall be authorized to suspend the activity of the Website at any moment, without notice about the reason of this action. Administrator shall reserve the right to conduct maintenance of the system, which may cause inconvenience or may prevent using of the Service. Deadlines of these works and their expected duration shall be published on the Website.
  7. If a breach by User of these Rules will inflict any damage to a third party or to the Administrator, the User shall be obliged to repair such damage.

§ 3 Personal data protection

  1. The Administrator shall be obligated to protect the personal data of the Users.
  2. The User sending contact form to the Administrator, automatically accepts the policy of the Administrator to process personal data of the User in conformity with the Personal Data Protection
  3. The User shall have the right to view his/her personal data at any moment. Furthermore, the User shall have the right to change his/her data or to demand their removal. At the User's request, sent to the Administrator to the email address bulgaria@colliers.com, the Administrator shall correct the data filed by the User or shall remove the User's account from the Website. Personal data of the User, whose account has been removed, shall be deleted by the Administrator.

§ 4 Administrator's responsibility

  1. The Administrator shall not be responsible in any way for actions or decisions made by the User after his/her use of the Website and its resources and shall not be responsible for any consequences of using information obtained by the User through the Website.
  2. The Administrator shall be not responsible for any limitations of access due to the technical nature or any other kind of distortion or interruption, which exclude or make difficult to use the Website.

§ 5 Validity of rules and changes of rules

  1. Rules shall be valid from the moment of its publication on the Website. The Administrator reserves the right, at any time and in any range, to provide changes in the Rules.
  2. All changes in the Rules become valid from the moment of their publication on the Website. Each User wishing to use the Website's resources, declares that (i) is familiar with the Rules, (ii) approves the content of the Rules and (iii) agrees to comply with its provisions.

§ 6 Final provisions

  1. Any complaints due to the malfunctioning of the website, shall be sent to the email address bulgaria@colliers.com
  2. All matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the provisions of the Bulgarian law.